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General FAQs

    Where are your products made?
    We source our materials from all over the Philippines, and we are quite pleased to let you know that our designs are artfully conceived by our very own designers exclusive to Island Girl. Proudly made by hand, in our hometown of Cebu, Philippines.

    How do I care for my Island Girl bags?
    We recommend wiping your bag down gently with a damp cloth in the direction of the weave, to avoid fraying the fibers. Let your bag dry in the shade, and away from direct sunlight. Since we make use of only natural materials in all our creations like rattan, raffia, abaca, to pandan, and so much more, it’s best not to use chemicals in the cleaning process.

    How do I care for my Island Girl accessories?
    We recommend that you store your earrings or necklace by hanging them upright, to prevent the beads and threads from getting tangled.