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Visioni da Oriente by Mj Suayan

Riflettere sulle nostre radici Filippine ci aiuta a capire le  ispirazioni e le influenze della nostra cultura su una nuova  generazione di designer che stanno guadagnando popolarità  nella scena fashion locale. Emerge un arazzo colorato e ricco  come il tradizionale tessuto delle comunità indigene. Le risorse  naturali così come le materie prime locali a contatto con l'innata  inclinazione artistica dei designer filippini generano forme d'arte prima ancora che moda, dando voce al talento esuberante del Paese. 

© Mj Suayan

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Kultura and MSMEs: A partnership that breeds business inclusivity

For overseas Filipino workers, immigrants and tourists looking for souvenirs to take with them and remind them of the Philippines, Kultura is a treasure trove of all things uniquely Filipino.

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All the Local Brands You Can Find at ArteFino 2019

ArteFino, one of Manila's biggest crafts fair for local artisans, is back for yet another year of showcasing the country's finest homegrown brands a.k.a. those set on keeping and upholding the ingenuity of Filipino craftmanship, along with their socially aware and responsible entrepreneurs, to cater to the sensibilities of the modern Filipino.

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Online Store of the Week: Island Girl

The Philippines, being an archipelago, is home to the most pristine white beaches and the clearest waters. Our islands consist of many indigenous materials that can be creatively turned into fashionable items. With this vision, mother and daughter Janet and Janice Chua's Island Girl was born. 

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