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Corporate and International Orders

Cyprea International Inc., is a local manufacturer and exporter of Philippine costume jewelry, accessories, bags, and footwear.

Costume jewelry making in the Philippines began because the demand of puka shells soared during the 1970s, and Cebu became the focal-point of that burgeoning accessory-making market. Janet Chua saw this as an opportunity, and by the early 1980s, Cyprea started making and exporting jewelry to the United States and Europe.

Paired with a league of local creative workers, they were able to capitalize on the abundance of natural resources available in their hometown Cebu, Philippines. They made use of these natural components in creating their
products; elements like bamboo, coconut, wood, and shells.

An experienced wholesale manufacturing company for 30 years, Cyprea has a significant extent of knowledge and know-how in artisan manufacturing and exporting.

They eventually evolved and further added bags, footwear, and resort apparel to their brand, which was their foray into starting their own label, Island Girl.


Do you accept custom orders?
The best we can do is personalize existing Island Girl styles for wholesale orders. However, if you wish to collaborate, please feel free to shoot us an email at and we will be more than glad to entertain possible ideas on how we can work together. 


Do you have special wholesale/corporate rates?

We have a tiered discount scheme for wholesale and corporate transactions depending on the total gross amount.


Is there a minimum order quantity?
No there is not, but if you are wondering, our wholesale is based on the total gross amount of the entire order. 


How do we inquire?
You may get in touch with us by emailing us at
We will try our very best to get back to you, and answer your inquiries as soon as we can.


Can you send me a sample?
You may purchase a sample of your order from us first, to ensure its quality, and that it fulfills your desired design. 


How long does it take to fulfill wholesale/corporate orders?
It usually takes us about a week to develop your “personalized” bag, following your preferred Island Girl design.

A production timeline will be provided once the design has been approved, and purchase order has been placed.

We accept wholesale and corporate orders from anywhere in the world. You may coordinate with us by send us an email at