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Maia Series

Island Girl is a lifestyle brand advocating and co-creating today’s green fashion. Each product released by Island Girl is made from natural and eco-friendly sources, hand-crafted by selected communities in remote areas of Cebu and the neighbouring provinces. Island Girl engages with women in these communities, allowing them to learn and preserve handicraft as a revenue stream to provide for their homes. By empowering women, Island Girl is able to highlight the brand’s creative process on a grassroots level: employing the use and manipulation of natural materials that can be significant components of Filipino fashion design.

Our newest collection, the Maia Series, takes from the concept of fiesta. Termed after the spring goddess “Maia”, the bags in this series are subtly patterned after elements within a fiesta spread -- textures, shapes and festive colors are seen in a range of picnic baskets, hand-woven Pandan purses that are shaped like fruits, and box clutches made from reclaimed wood. Truly, each piece in the Maia Series narrates and upholds the Island Girl way – of eco-consciousness and sustainable design that gives back to the Filipino people.