Heritage Collection: The Bardot Cage Bag

Cebu is a burgeoning mecca of creativity and culture. One of the contributing factors to this community is our craftsmen who make beautiful things by hand.

The spotlight is on them in Island Girl’s Heritage Collection inspired by the iconic Peacock chair. A true marriage of fashion, function, and heritage, our Heritage Collection celebrates the present by paying homage to the past. It embraces the Filipino craft of rattan weaving that’s been around for ages. One of the notable celebrities who have been famously photographed in a Peacock chair was Brigitte Bardot, and we wanted to honor this celebration of craft and history with our Bardot Cage Bags.

As part of the Heritage Collection, our Bardot Cage Bags are handcrafted with rattan and feature intricate swirls as the focal point of the design. It is an original creation that stays true to the Island Girl philosophy of creating handmade sturdy bags that are fashionable, functional, and sustainable.

Like our other designs, our Bardot Cage Bags merge the traditions of Filipino artisans with the latest trends of today to come up with a range that is fashionable as much as it is all natural. Using locally sourced materials, we utilize processes of hand manufacturing in almost all of our products, from embroidery and crochet to weaving and bead stringing of artisanal goods.

Handmade, natural, and eco-friendly, the Bardot Cage Bag is a piece of our home that reflects the extraordinary skills of our weavers and the beauty of our culture.